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We're revolutionizing how patients share health information

We’ve developed a Social Patient Health Record (PHR) enabling family & friends to easily access health information and engage in the care of their loved ones.

Patient-first features to get the most out of health care

Our Social Patient Health Record (PHR) application drastically improves access and teamwork which are critical for improving health outcomes.

Social Sign-in

Facebook Login and other social logins make user registration simple and signing in easy.

Share & Collaborate Health

Instantly share health information and interact with your care team and other family & friends.

Goal & Reward Management

Health goals motivate patients by socializing health achievements & milestones, reinforcing positive health behavior.

Health Data (PHR)

Health issues, diseases, contacts, all health information, is managed by patients and their family & friends.

Claims & Out-of-pocket

Monitor and trace health care costs to health contacts, better understand insurance deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and more.

Enhanced Security & Permissions

Advanced database and application encryption and custom privacy settings provide patients flexibility and security.

Care is a collaborative process, we are not just passive participants.

When you're sick, nothing else matters. Who is your most important patient?

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